We’ve all been guilty of taking a bad photo. Sometimes it’s the subject that looks a little worse for wear, and other times it’s the background that’s a bit wonky.

Every once and a while, we capture something that we weren’t quite planning on getting in the frame. Maybe you got photobombed, or perhaps just some strange accidental capture of something so embarrassing you can’t believe you hit ‘post’.

Whether mirrors have been unfortunately positioned, tricksters lurking in the shadows, or simply an optical illusion, these 16 people really should have checked the backgrounds of their photos before sharing them online for the world to see.

1. Put the mouse back in the house!

Oh, phew, that’s just the baby’s foot. Did you really think we’d post an actual penis on here?

2. Goodness gracious, great balls of Grandpa!

Oh no wait, those are knees. Definitely knees.

3. Anyone else notice the giant elephant in the room?

And by “elephant”, I’m definitely talking about something else…

4. She may have just revealed a lot more about herself that she intended.

Always remember kids, glasses are reflective surfaces.

It’s important to always check those reflective surfaces when posing for a photograph. If you want to see some hilarious photo-fails involving mirrors, be sure to check out the next shot involving one handsome dude… and his dad’s tighty whities.