President Donald Trump’s relationship with food and drink has been received as well as his relationship with North Korea.

Over the years, the Commander-in-Chief has been mercilessly mocked after being involved in multiple culinary faux-pas, including his attempt to make his Trump Steaks a thing:

Trump then further embarrassed himself when it was revealed at a BLT Steakhouse in Washington DC that he likes his steak cooked well-done with a side of tomato ketchup, which I think we can all agree is just blasphemy and tediously mundane.

In fact, some people on Twitter were outraged:

Then there was his attempt to drink a bottle of water using two hands, which many likened to that of a toddler:

And then there’s there’s the small matter of the pizza they serve in Trump Tower, which left Italians all over the world screaming in pain over the $11.50 margarita abomination:

However, now the businessman-turned-president has come under fire after his favorite McDonald’s order has left people pointing out his tasteless hypocrisy.