We all know there are some pretty crazy Game of Thrones fans out there. From throwing themed parties, to making epic costumes, to travel companies creating Westeros tours, the HBO television series has certainly made an impact!

The popular show is actually shot in several places around the world including Iceland, Northern Ireland, and Croatia, and one super fan named Andrea David has traveled to all of these locations.

The self-professed movie geek doesn’t just visit the countries where her favorite series was filmed, but actually matches stills from the show with their real-life locations. Check out this shot from Croatia to get a better idea of how cool David’s work is:

David has quite the eye for detail and painstakingly goes through episodes of Game of Thrones to find the most iconic scenes. She then prints out a still photograph and travels the globe, looking to match the scene with the filming location.

In fact, it’s not just Game of Thrones she’s done this with. David has actually expanded her hobby to cover over 400 movies and television shows. She displays the results on her Instagram account and on her movie and travel blog called Film Tourismus.

Check out some of her best work below:

Remember this scene from the season one cliffhanger? The memorable beheading of Ned Stark was shot at Fort Manoel in Malta. It is only accessible to the public on a special Game of Thrones tour.

This next scene is from season two. While the actual location is Minčeta tower in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we are all supposed to think it’s Qarth, where Daenerys has gone to save her baby dragons from the House of the Undying.