Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is everybody’s favorite professional wrestler turned actor. While his most recent project was voicing a character in Disney’s instant classic, Moana, he’s usually associated with action-packed blockbusters like The Fast and The Furious and The Scorpion King.

Now, it’s emerged that he’s got a lookalike stunt double who’s an extremely close relation!

Johnson’s wrestling career came in handy when filming all those action movies. In fact, it was his impressive physique that led to landing his first acting gig in The Mummy Returns back in 2001.

While he may have only been on screen for 15 minutes in that movie as Mathayus, it led to his first big role in The Scorpion King the following year. Johnson was paid $5.5 million for the part, which is a record for an actor in his first starring role.

Johnson’s movies are usually action packed with explosions, high-speed car chases, and incredible stunts, which means he often requires a stunt double. However, Johnson has been using the same stunt double for his entire career, and it’s someone he’s known his entire life.

Johnson’s stunt double is his cousin, Tanoai Reed, and they look almost exactly alike! The Hawaii-born, 6’2″ Reed is just two years younger than 45-year-old Johnson and both share the same incredibly muscular physique.

In fact, the two men look so similar that they pull the same expressions while working out…