Even in the modern world, coming out as transgender is a particularly difficult thing to do. Despite many positive steps being taken towards improving and promoting LGBTQ+ rights, there is still a lot of ignorance surrounding transgender people.

Someone who knows all too well how emotionally turbulent it can be to come out as transgender is 21-year-old Jaimie Wilson.

Jaimie may be a multi-talented musician, DJ, and model, but the thought of attaining his dreams whilst simultaneously living as his authentic self was unthinkable when he was a teenager and suffering from gender dysphoria.

However, the young man from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has defied the odds to transition beyond recognition, and he has never felt more confident.

In order to inspire others like him, Jamie has shared a series of before and after photos of his striking transition. The photos show how the up-and-coming musician and model went from a conventionally attractive woman to a heart-throbbingly handsome young man.

In a tell-all interview with UNILAD, Jaimie delved into his past and revealed how he felt when he realized he was transgender. Because of his upbringing in a conservative family, he had to hide who he really was and never openly presented himself in a masculine way.

“When I was 15, I knew for a fact that I was male,” he said. “But because I grew up in a very conservative religious household, I had to put my identity and feelings aside until I was able to be on my own. I knew the situation would not have been good, or safe, if I came out that young.”

“I would go to the store and shop in the men’s section. I took every opportunity I had to put on masculine clothing and stare into the mirror.”

“I had a drawer in my bedroom in which I kept all my masculine clothes, and I’d carefully put a layer of feminine clothes over the top so that if my parents went through my room they wouldn’t find them.”


Jaimie’s situation felt hopeless for a long time because he was unable to tell anyone about the emotional turmoil he had been enduring.

“Honestly, it was extremely scary because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to transition,” he said. “I thought it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I didn’t tell anyone how I was feeling because I was afraid of losing everyone.”

Fortunately, Jaimie did reach a point in his life where he felt brave enough to start the lengthy, expensive and risky process of transitioning from female to male, and he’s never looked back since beginning his journey.