As Christmas looms, Monopoly boards are dusted off in preparation for some festive fun – or, more realistically, fights over who really owns Mayfair. It’s the game that inevitably ends in some sort of dispute, with the board being overturned by a bitter, bankrupted player.

The pieces are strewn across the floor, along with scraps of wrapping paper and instruction manuals for pesky electrical gifts, which is where they remain until the New Year when the game is firmly stowed away, often with at least one piece missing, for the following year.

That’s why a game of Monopoly has become synonymous with family feuds, which are only intensified by the feeling of discomfort we all feel on Christmas Day after sickeningly indulging in a little too much roast turkey and chocolate.

However, what if I were to tell you that Monopoly does not need to be a miserable experience. What if you never again have to ‘accidentally’ nudge the board again to make one of your uncle’s hotels disappear from the blue-topped property? Interested? I thought so.

It turns out that everyone’s been playing the game wrong.

According to YouTube channel, ‘Today I Found Out’, we have been playing the popular Hasbro game wrong. As it turns out, a majority of the rules that you carefully follow are actually totally bogus. Your Christmas gaming session is about to get a lot easier!