It doesn’t matter how perfect you are, Instagram users will find a flaw in your appearance. We live in a world where we subconsciously search for faults in those who present themselves in the form of a perfectly manicured square on Instagram.

Some argue that it’s acceptable, given that we are a society obsessed with faking it online. If it’s possible to unearth a flaw, it’s only human to point it. After all, gossip columns were laden with ‘who wore it best?’ sections long before social media.

So when former Miss Russia contestant, Anastasia Reshetova, began to receive cruel comments about the size of her feet, she was expecting it.

Her timeline is saturated with pictures of the brunette beauty seductively lounging in luxurious settings, from the beach to a gold gilded bedroom. Her long legs, flowing locks and toned tummy have attracted the 21-year-old an enormous following online – with 1.6 million people following her on Instagram alone. But among those fans were others who wanted to drag the Miss Russia finalist down.

“The size of [your] feet,” one user wrote in a comment peppered with laughing emojis, while another added, “At first, I thought she [had] flippers.”

Unperturbed by the mass of malicious comments her photos were attracting, Anastasia chose to subtly mock those who found fault in her.