It’s often said that teachers are the gift from God, but even these classroom miracle workers can’t help everyone become rocket scientists or engineers.

There comes a time in every teacher’s career where they cross paths with a few students who just don’t want to put forth the effort required to make it through school and excel in life. Other times there are students that make you question how they even got this far.

Here are 13 moments, as reported by teachers, when hopeless kids made their educators give up on them forever.

1. “Had a high school senior girl who didn’t know how to add fractions tell me that it was a waste of time. This was a month before she had to take her SAT so she could apply to colleges. Side note: her mother would come in talking about getting her into top tier schools and how bright she was.” — KidKimchee

2. “I was subbing in a third grade class and, as a reward, I was told I could draw a quiz card and ask a question to a student. The student could earn points (to be used in the class store) by answering the question. So I asked this very sweet little girl how many states of the US she could name, worth one point each. She sat there thinking with a big smile on her face for about 15 seconds before emphatically stating, ‘Wednesday!'” — Tock_The_Watchdog

3. “Had a student that would do stunts like the guys in ‘Jackass,’ often on a dare. Came in and asked to stand for class. I asked why. Proudly told me that he had ‘hot dogged’ a cactus at a party over the weekend and it hurt too much to sit. It took me a minute to figure out what this potential Mensa member did, but once it clicked I let him stand in the back.” — Dante914

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