When you are young and sexually active, there is a lot of pressure on you to perform in bed despite not having much experience in the sack. Thanks to pornography, young people’s perceptions of normal sexual performance have been skewed.

Getting naked in front of another person can make you feel vulnerable, especially if they are your first, or one of your first, partners. But it turns out that there’s now a way to be safer in the bedroom and rate your performance at the same time.

Young men are especially worried as they are typically seen as the initiators of sex and the ones who should be the most confident and adept. In fact, some men are so concerned about how they measure up in the bedroom that they’re even willing to invest in some extra help.

Well, a lot of extra help actually. They are willing to wear a ‘smart condom’ which keeps a log of all the necessities when it comes to increasing the heat in the bedroom. It is a third pair of eyes in the bedroom that senses things that you’re not able to when you’re mid-thrust.

Adam Leverson, the head engineer for the smart condom, was happy to announce its arrival. “It’s here and it’s beautiful,” he said. “We wanted the i.Con to look refined, non-intrusive and lightweight – the finished article is nothing short of any of those things.”

This smart condom, also known as i.Con, collects an array of data with the intention of highlighting areas for improvement for the wearer’s next steamy romp. This data is then sent to the wearer’s iPhone, so it’s a pretty handy way for them to get notes on their performance without having to ask their sexual partner. Although putting it on prior to doing the deed might be a giveaway!

So what kind of details are taken note of by the i.Con?