Archaeologists are constantly striving to make discoveries which allow historians to broaden what they know in a particular field of research. Their discoveries allow researchers to vastly improve their knowledge of past cultures and civilizations. It’s very impressive stuff.

And sometimes these archaeologists make important and trailblazing discoveries in lakes and seas. Discoveries that really get the ball rolling in terms of finding out about the kind of lives people were leading in a certain era.

Outside the realm of history and archaeology, stories of ancient castles hidden underwater are popular in legends and folklore that have existed for hundreds of years.

However, it appears that archaeologists have now found an actual, bona fide underwater castle hidden deep within a vast lake.

The team of Turkish researchers, divers, and archaeologists responsible for the discovery found the ruins of the mysterious castle at the bottom of Lake Van in Turkey’s eastern Van Province.

“Studies were done on the underwater portion of the historic Urartian castle in our city, revealing it to be nearly 3,000 years old,” the Adilcevaz District governor Arif Karaman explained.

Yes, the castle is a whopping 3,000 years old and has been sitting underwater for decades!