There are seven billion people on the planet, so it is highly unlikely that you’ll stumble across someone who happens to look remarkably similar to you.

Some people end up meeting their uncanny lookalikes in real life under the most extraordinary circumstances. And sometimes people find their doppelgangers by pure chance and coincidence. Who could forget the viral ‘twin strangers’ who sat next to each other on a plane only to discover that they looked exactly the same?

But what if you happened to be a carbon copy of one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood?

Alexia Maier is a 17-year-old model who bears an uncanny resemblance to The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. In fact, she looks so much like the Oscar-winning actress that she is constantly being approached by fans who are looking to take a selfie with her or get an autograph.

Alexia, who is from Ponte Vedra in Florida, initially didn’t take the comparison between herself and the critically acclaimed star very seriously and just assumed it was little more than an ongoing joke.

“At first I thought it was a joke when people started saying I looked like Jennifer Lawrence,” Alexia revealed. “But when I started getting dozens of comments about my J-Law similarities, I started to realize it myself.”