Picture enhancing is big business in this modern world where practically everyone has access to an Instagram account. Photoshop is no longer confined to the realms of glossy magazines and fashion editorials, for it is now more common on social media, where your old high school friend uses it to whiten her selfie-perfect smile.

Who can blame her? Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about tweaking your bikini pictures or streamlining your silhouette in a group snap. After all, if Beyonce does it, why can’t you?

However, the issue is that manipulating an image requires an intricate eye – something that not everyone is blessed with. For example, the following celebrities may have all been gifted good looks and talent, but one thing they lack is the ability to correctly edit an image…

1. She may ‘Run The World’ but she can’t get away with this

Beyonce is certainly ‘***Flawless’, so fans were confused when they spotted that the 36-year-old ‘Diva’ had heavily edited a candid holiday picture of herself. Either that or she owns some peculiarly shaped wine glasses. Oh, and that left arm looks a little suspicious too. But, the star wasn’t ‘Sorry’ for her mistake, as she has been caught red-handed a few times…

2. She really is a Bad Gal

Rihanna made jaws drop when she posted this exotic snap on her Instagram page. But, sadly her photo editing skills didn’t “work work work work work” as it appears that the Bajan beauty forgot to properly manipulate her thumb. But the 29-year-old singer was Unapologetic for her blunder.

3. Certainly a bit wavy

Amanda Holden may be Britain’s Got Talent‘s best judge, but she is certainly not the best user of Photoshop. From the wobbly waves to the dipped decking, we would hit the red button on this snap!