Hollywood executives will usually only let you step foot into their exclusive world of glitz and glamor if you’re hot as all hell. Besides once you have earned yourself a certain amount of fame and fortune, you are opened up to a world of personal stylists, free designer clothing and unlimited plastic surgery.

That’s why celebrities tend to look pretty flawless and why us mere mortals so desperately crave to resemble them in every possible way.

However, it’s definitely not easy to constantly ensure that you always fall under society’s very narrow definition of beauty. That’s why, eventually, so many stars start to let themselves go, according to harsh critics in the media who have insanely high standards.

1. Matthew Perry

In Friends, the woman who Chandler ends up marrying, Monica, is known for her striking transformation from a larger girl to a slender woman. Well, Matthew seems to have transformed in a rather different way. But hey, we’ll be there for you when the rain starts to fall…

2. Christina Aguilera

Christina went from being a ’90s chick who could legitimately call herself a bottle-sized genie to being, well, much more curvaceous. But hey, no one’s knocking it, and to quote my favorite singer, “you are beautiful no matter what they say.”

3. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was quite the hottie back in the day, who knew? This is who I will try to picture the next time I tune into 30 Rock.

This next celebrity was one of many famous women who was slated after putting on weight post-childbirth. Give her a break…