Who can resist those little fluffy balls of fur purring at your feet? Okay, so maybe cats aren’t always so cute, especially when they’re biting your fingers or clawing your curtains. But even the haters will love the Pallas’s cat, which has been dubbed the most expressive in the world.

This cat’s facial expressions are so incredible, you’d think it was a cartoon come to life!

Unfortunately, you can’t just go to your local shelter and bring one home as a pet. These endangered and wild kitties live in the grasslands and steppes of Central Asia. They even have their own preserve in Asia’s Altai Mountains.

The Pallas’s cat is named for German naturalist, Peter Pallas, who discovered the adorable creature and gave it the scientific name Felis manul. This was later changed to Otocolobus manul, which means “ugly eared”, to reflect the short round ears that, personally, I think are rather cute.

What’s more is that the chances are that you may have seen these adorable cats before. They have been the subject of many viral memes. You’ll recognize their long furry coats, short legs, and extremely expressive faces.