The late Christopher Reeve first gave life to Superman back in 1978, and the then 27-year-old actor instantly became a Hollywood heartthrob. He went on to portray the iconic superhero on the big screen for ten years, forever associating his face with the role.

But it turns out that the strong man in tights’ good looks have also been passed onto the next generation.

Christopher Reeve had an incredible career as an actor, director, producer, and avid equestrian until an accident in 1995 left him a quadriplegic. He was taking part in an equestrian competition when he was thrown from a horse, injuring his spinal cord.

His wife Dana and young son Will stayed by his side when his life changed forever at the age of 42.

From that point on, Reeve focused more on charity and activism work. He started the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which focuses on stem cell research and lobbies on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries.

When he was just 52, Reeve passed away in 2004 when Will was only a teenager. Will’s mother, Dana, tragically died less than two years later from lung cancer, leaving Will to be raised by childhood family friends.