There are tons of reasons to get banned from making Thanksgiving dinner.

Soggy stuffing? You’re out. Chunky mashed potatoes? No good. Burn the turkey? You’re definitely not allowed.

One woman has made a career and an art out of making nasty, spooky food, and for two Thanksgivings in a row, she’s definitely brought her A-game. Check out her incredible (and gross) creations.

Last year, Hellen Die cooked her family’s turkey for Thanksgiving, but she added a chestburster from the “Alien” movies. Let’s just say her family wasn’t thrilled.

They probably weren’t surprised, though. Hellen runs the Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon, creating incredible ghoulish treats year-round. She decided to tackle this monstrosity next.

The facehugger is made of chicken, chicken sausage, and crab, and it’s covered in honey infused with ghost peppers. It’s pretty much a nightmare all the way around.


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