In the age of the Internet, it has become “on trend” to turn just about anything into a viral video.

But among the cute puppy videos and heartwarming homecomings, there’s a whole subculture of viral videos that are aimed at stoking our sick love for shock and horror. While the validity of these videos is often questionable, it doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t the real deal or that what they depict is any less disturbing.

Case in point, this short but oh-so gory clip posted by Twitter user , in which a woman seemingly loses a hand thanks to a flaming tire. In the clip, she can be seen greeting another lady from the comfort of her driver’s seat, when out of nowhere, a rogue tire comes barreling toward the pair. Blink and you might miss it, but in just a split second, the driver’s hand appears to be ripped from her body, flying into the air before landing atop a crate of some sort.

I’ve embedded the video below, but be warned that it’s pretty nasty.

I've embedded the video below, but be warned that it's pretty nasty.

As realistic as this video may look, I’m not entirely convinced it’s legit.

While I’ve never claimed to be a world-renowned scientist, I’m pretty sure that I’ve learned enough over the years to say that this video is nothing more than an attempt at reaching Internet stardom. One major red flag is the color of the abruptly-removed appendage. I’m pretty sure coming in direct contact with flames of any kind would show some sort of burn damage. Not to mention that severed hand looks way to neat to have been viciously torn off.


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