Every day as you scroll through social media, you are presented with an alarming number of proposal pictures. Beaming at the camera, happy couples brandish their flashy engagement ring which is only marginally brighter than their smiles.

It’s therefore easy to believe that the world is only inhabited by happy couples who’ve graduated from the Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively school of love. However, some relationships that are more akin Tom Cruise’s and Katie Holmes’ – toxic and best forgotten.

One person who can relate to that better than anyone is Craig Holden, pictured above, who sold the engagement ring he’d bought for his girlfriend of 10 years on Gumtree after they bitterly broke up. Rather than do it discreetly to save embarrassment, Holden made a spectacle of the sale.

The Welsh native was left heartbroken by his fiancée, who he likened to the spawn of Satan, when she cruelly declared that she didn’t love him anymore after he dedicated 10 years of his life to her. Rather than get revenge, Holden chose to get even.

He proposed after three years of dating, and the couple were engaged for seven years.

The 28-year-old listed the engagement ring that he bought for his girlfriend on Gumtree with a witty description which instantly garnered mass attention online. He listed the ring – which originally cost him $1,000 – on the site for a mere $200.

He’d make it clear that he hadn’t pulled the stunt for the money but for the thrill of badmouthing his ex on the internet for all to see.

“As a simple, quiet, reserved and generous gentleman I began courting a young lady (who would then spawn into Satan, through witchcraft or voodoo – who knew?) who I then regrettably proposed to,” he comically wrote.