A photograph really can say a thousand words. So when members of the Royal Family are carrying out their royal duties, they try their absolute best to avoid doing anything remotely outside the realm of acceptable behavior.

The British royals are all too aware of the fact that everything they do is captured on camera, and if they do anything – intentional or not – that suggests they are anything less than perfect, the press inevitably have a field day.

That’s why the following 17 photos are rare gems. Gems that will live on the internet for eternity because they prove that beneath their sophistication, the Royal Family aren’t that different from the common people they rule over.

1. Of course, we had to start with this one

And we’ll let Kate Middleton finish it.

2. Prince Charles would never dream of looking at another woman

Right, Princess Diana?

3. Remember that time Harry donned his best Nazi outfit for no apparent reason?

Yeah… and this who Meghan Markle will be taking as her date if she’s ever invited to the NAACP Image Awards. Awkward.

It’s no secret that Prince Harry likes a drink every now and again (as this next regrettable photo proves), and who are you to tell him not to indulge in a bit of alcohol? What are you a Nazi or something?