We are a nation obsessed with bargains. No matter how small the saving, we cannot resist splashing the cash on something that’s been reduced in price. Every Black Friday, we vow not to get too carried away, but as the sale stickers go on, our sense of decorum is peeled away.

This Black Friday is anticipated to be one of the best yet, with enormous deals at all your favorite stores and online retailers. So it will be difficult to stop yourself from being tempted by the discounts, even if you tell yourself that you won’t be.

What’s more is that you’re guaranteed to come away with something you have no need for. Something that you simply bought because its price was reduced in half. Something like the following bizarre items which are all available online in Amazon’s Black Friday sale!

1. Socks for your soup!

Save yourself $0.17 when you purchase soup socks from Amazon this Black Friday. These handy socks make the process of making soup that bit simpler, but not as simple as walking to Walmart to buy a ready-made tin!

2. The weird beard

Growing a beard isn’t possible for everyone. Luckily, you can spend a mere $10.99 this Black Friday and get yourself a snug hat for the winter weather, with an attachable beard for maximum warmth. Buying one this Friday will make you eligible for a discount on a second hat, which you can purchase in a different color – one for all occasions! What a steal…

3. Diapers for your dog

These doggy diapers come with a 10% discount this Black Friday – to make puppy pooping less of a mess. Good luck trying to get your dog to wear them though.