It has been almost a year since President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden were evicted from the White House. But for many, it feels like decades since the dynamic duo departed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

A lot has changed since the days when the commanding couple occupied the Oval Office. But one thing has stayed consistent: their friendship. Or, should I say, the most epic bromance the internet has ever seen.

Despite eight successful years running the country, Obama and Biden’s biggest legacy is their unbreakable bond.

In fact, it was this unique connection that inspired a meme sensation during the latter part of 2016, just before they went their separate ways after an iconic eight years as America’s cutest couple.

Twitter began to overflow with the rib-tickling memes, which even caught the attention of the subjects themselves. According to Biden’s daughter, Ashley, the former vice president laughed for an hour when she introduced him to the phenomenon.

Talking to NBC, Biden admitted that there is some truth to the comedic captions, “All those memes – there are thousands of them out there – in essence, they’re all true. We had that kind of relationship,” he said.

“My granddaughters and his daughters are each other’s best friends. They vacation together. You know, it’s family”.

But none of the memes in existence could ever match up to the one that Obama lovingly crafted for in honor of his best buddy in celebration of his 75th birthday. Prepare to relive the joy 2016’s Biden memes brought the world…