People have always been impressed by coincidences. They happen rarely and that’s why we’re left in awe when they occur. Or perhaps it’s because some coincidences are so mind-blowing that they almost seem magical!

I mean, I can’t be the only one who thinks “there must be a God after all” when I forget to do an assignment for college, and my professor ends up not showing up on the due date. It’s like the universe is on my side.

Sometimes coincidences are truly bizarre, some have us laughing for hours on end, and others are accidental works of art.

1. She is a mini mouse (get it?)

Personally, I thought the biggest coincidence about Minnie Mouse was that she had the same surname as her beau.

2. Nature is so damn versatile

Frida Kahlo, is that you?

3. In the right place at the right time

So you’re telling me that parrots don’t naturally grow antlers on their heads?!

In my humble opinion, perfectly timed photos are the best kind of photos. Imagine the shock you’d get if you were planning to take a photo of a little robin flying into the sunset then, of all of a sudden, a UFO descends out of nowhere!