Sometimes we reach a point in life where the time has come to move house. Whether that’s because we are moving in with a long-term partner, or because we have been hired for a new job out of state, making a move is a perfectly normal part of life.

However, some people adamantly refuse to leave the home which they and their family have lived in for years.

These residents will refuse to be evicted even after getting offered millions of dollars from contractors – which is often a lot more than their house is worth. As a result, developers are forced to build around them, and this had had some hysterical consequences.

Here are 14 stubborn residents who would much rather live in a ramshackle than move house…

1. No narrow escape for this lady

Mary Cook’s home was squeezed in between two very large buildings, but she still refused to sell it.

2. Art imitating life

Edith Macefield was dead set against selling her home and even rejected an offer of $1 million for it. She ended up inspiring the movie Up.

3. He lives in a land down under

Visit Melbourne and take a look at this interesting piece of architecture with a home attached to it at the base.

4. Vera Coking refused to take a gamble

Vera Coking decided against selling her home to a potential buyer, Bob Guccione. If she had sold it, his casino would have been built around it. Funnily enough, she also rejected an offer from Donald Trump.

5. Not half bad

Despite others who lived in this Toronto duplex wanting to sell, one person refused, and the property was cut in half!

Can you imagine being so dedicated to your house that no amount of inconvenience could make you move out? One of these next residents had a ring road built around their apartment because they refused to move out!