We all know that women, generally speaking, live longer than men. While some so-called experts may pin this down to men consuming a diet that is higher in cholesterol, or being more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and being employed in more dangerous jobs, we all know the real reason they are cursed with a shorter life expectancy.

It’s because they’re constantly doing crazy sh*t, landing themselves in impossibly dangerous and occasionally fatal situations.

Here are 23 photos which prove that men and their inexplicably wild ways are leading them into an early grave…

1. There is no sane justification for this

How this man managed to live into adulthood is beyond me.

2. It’s almost like he wants to die

His life is hanging in the balance.

3. This guy was desperate to one-up Harry Potter

The things people will do for a Hogwarts acceptance letter…

Believing you’re as adept with wild animals as any other trained wildlife expert can have serious consequences. The next man on this list learned this the hard way…