When you’re a delivery driver, I’m sure you see and hear lots of crazy things.

If you were walking around dropping off packages and heard persistent cries of, “Help me! Help me!” that sounded like an elderly person who needed some help, you’d probably help them, right? That’s exactly what happened to one UPS driver, so he called his wife and asked her to alert the authorities. When police showed up, the “victim” wasn’t even human.

This is Diego, and he’s a 41-year-old parrot who can do impressions of dogs, cats, and a few human phrases, including, you guessed it: “Help me!”

His owner Susan Baird says that Diego doesn’t like being alone, so he says the phrase when he wants some companionship. She happened to be out when the driver stopped by, and she wasn’t surprised when she heard his story.

Here’s more information about this totally wacky incident in the video below.


Youtube / Inside Edition

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