Everyone has an outfit that they regret wearing. Maybe you thought socks with sandals was a good look, or really loved a sweater-vest back in the day, or perhaps you just unsuccessfully tried mixing a polka dot top with striped pants.

Whatever your fashion faux pas, chances are it didn’t get you banned from entering another country. But for Katy Perry, that’s exactly what happened. China has banned her for the simple reason of wearing a dress.

To be fair, it wasn’t an ordinary dress, and China isn’t the easiest country to get in to. Visitors have to apply for an entry visa in advance of traveling there and part of that process involves a background check.

Because of this process, China has banned several celebrities from entering in the past. Rock band Maroon 5 were forced to cancel two concerts in China back in 2015 after being denied entry into the country.

Apparently, their keyboard player sent a happy birthday tweet to the Dalai Lama, which did not go over well with Chinese authorities. Lady Gaga, Björk, and Oasis were also banned from China because of their vocal support for Tibet.

Just Bieber was also banned but that was related to his idiotic and disrespectful antics.

The background check required for the visa is extensive, and even a tweet recognizing Tibet as an independent country from China can be cause for refusal.

In Justin Bieber’s case, it wasn’t so much political reasons, but “bad behavior”, as Chinese officials put it, that kept him out of the country – although they failed to specify exactly what this bad behavior was.