We all know cheaters are the scum of the earth. Anyone who has cheated on their partner is a selfish b*astard with no regard for the feelings of anyone else. To them, it seems that sex is more important than loyalty, compassion, friendship, or love.

That means they must be pretty stupid.

In an age where social media is everywhere, cheaters are proving to be dumber than previously thought and are easily getting caught and called out on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Check out some of these dummies who thought they could get away with their cheating and instead ended up looking like bigger fools than they already were. Here are the top 12:

1. This boob-brain who didn’t know his girl’s bra size

Clearly, the thought of her breasts was overpowering any form of rational thought in his teeny tiny little brain.

2. Look at this dumb-dumb!

She posted about her “boyfriend” on Facebook, while her “other boyfriend” was on her friends’ list. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’m afraid.

3. This one takes the cake!

A woman thinks her guy cheated on her when he returned to his wife. Oh honey, if you can’t see what’s wrong with this, then you deserve to be single.