There are few things more frustrating in life than forgetting where something is. Last month, I misplaced a bag. Although there was nothing particularly valuable inside, it took me over two weeks to accept that I’d most likely forgotten it on public transport.

I’m even worse with my car. Have you ever walked out of a supermarket and realized you have no idea where you parked? I spent 15 minutes walking around Walmart’s parking lot just randomly pointing my keys.

But a motorist in Frankfurt took forgetting the location of his car to a whole new level when he lost it in 1997.

After searching frantically for his car, the motorist eventually concluded that it had been stolen and reported the theft to the authorities. The car, however, was never located, and the motorist moved on with his life, assuming that it was long gone.

In the likely event that you’ve forgotten 1997, let me remind briefly remind you what the world was like back then. It was the year James Cameron’s Titanic was released, Bill Clinton was president, and mobile phones were nothing more than wireless landlines.

In 2017, technology dominates almost every aspect of our lives (many devices even have tracking features so we don’t forget them), and the man who was known in the late 90s as nothing more than an incredibly wealthy businessman is president.

But now, in a bizarre twist of fate, the Frankfurt motorist has been reunited with the car he lost 20 years ago.