Going out of your way to do special things for your partner is the best way to show them that you love them. When you are in a new relationship, you go all out to impress. You want to prove to your new beau that you’re worthy of being their other half.

But even when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, a good way to help keep the spark alive is to treat your partner in the form of spontaneous gifts and surprises. It keeps the relationship fresh, alive and oh-so-loving.

So, without further ado, here are 20 adorable partners who provided their beaus with the most romantic of surprises!

1. Who needs a romantic getaway when you can have this?

Yep, this pillow fort was constructed by a very thoughtful partner. Of course, Netflix and Chilling might have been in it for them too!

2. Because communication in a relationship doesn’t always have to be face-to-face

They color-coded it and everything – that’s dedication!

3. Because your partner is beautiful whatever size they are

Now that’s some truly unconditional love.

Not everyone has the money they need in order to really push the boat out. But what you can afford to do is make your beau smile from ear to ear because you’ve put so much effort into giving them a lovely, thoughtful and, if necessary, cheap surprise.