When you’re in a relationship, you expect your other half to always support you, rather than tear you down.

There are far too many relationships (and some which border on abusive) in which one will seek to destroy the other’s self-worth.

One student from Iowa State University, was once in a relationship which she felt was detrimental to her self-esteem and overall confidence. After being called “disgusting”, she shared her amazing 200 lbs weight loss with the world. But this story has a surprising twist.

The student in question is Miranda, and when she shared her experience on Twitter, it wasn’t long before a tide of sympathy came flooding in.

The final straw for the young woman came when her boyfriend called her “disgusting”, seemingly in reference to her weight, at a college dance.

Now you can very clearly see from the photo above, that she is in no way overweight. Therefore slating her size would not only be totally cruel, but also completely illogical.

Amazingly, Miranda managed to retain a sense of humor about it all, and delved into her experience with a pretty clever joke.

In a now deleted Tweet, Miranda (or “Mandy”) posted a “before and after” photo of herself, showcasing how she had lost an incredible 200 lbs.

The strange thing is, the before and after photos were taken on the exact same day! So, how does one manage to lose 200 lbs in one night, you ask?

Well, the “after” photo is exactly the same as the before photo, only this time Miranda had cropped out her boyfriend.

Yep, after the undeniably unjustified “disgusting” comment, Miranda dumped her boyfriend and decided to focus on herself rather than on someone who ultimately only ever brought her down.