It is apparent that the world’s most anti-social people all congregate in one place: public transport. They flood in droves onto planes, buses and trains to torment their fellow travelers – one invasion of your personal space at a time.

Their naked bodies stick to synthetic leather seats, as their toes encroach into your designated (and paid for) space with little regard for your personal space and comfort. They prompt even the most sturdy stomachs to become a little travel sick.

When presented with the problem of a perspiring passenger leaning up against you, it can be hard to know how to handle the situation. But, first things first, it is important to take a picture to permanently document the scandalous sight.

Here we have collated some of the most infuriating and nauseating snaps taken on public transport, to really make your blood boil and your stomach churn….

Ex-shoes me

With two vacant seats on either side, it is a mystery as to why this passenger chose to lay his insoles on the arm rest, reaching into the aisle. In fact, it is a mystery as to why the insoles are even out of the shoes, and as to why the shoes are even on the seat.

Let it all hang out 

Sleeping with limited leg room can be a challenge, we accept. When empty seats are available, we have all taken advantage of them. But, have you done so whilst exposing your stomach and throwing your legs into the aisle?

Rihanna called, she wants her Umbrella back

Ironically, every passenger on this train appears to be bone dry, except for the gentleman who is sitting under the umbrella.