In an ideal world, sexism would be a thing of the past. Whilst there is no doubt that it affects both men and women, historically speaking, it is the fairer sex who have received a larger amount of discrimination based on their gender.

Ever since I was a young girl, men have equated my worth to my appearance. There have even been instances where I’ve been belittled for my commitment to education by men who’ve told me it won’t gain me any points in their sexist eyes.

Although these men are definitely in the minority, their views are damaging to society as whole, and there are certain cultural norms which unfortunately perpetuate them – such as the consistent oversexualization of women in the media.

However, thanks to social media, people have been given a platform to call out this sexism in a way that they could never do before. Twitter, in particular, is famous for its ability to enable ordinary people to call out wrongdoing in society.

There aren’t many women who have been given powerful fictional roles, but there are a few notable exceptions, and one of them is Wonder Woman. First created in 1986, the female superhero has been wowing the world with her superhuman capabilities.

Wonder Woman has been the subject of countless movies and comic books over the years, however, her latest incarnation in Justice League has caused outrage online because of an extremely disconcerting change in her outfit.