If you listen to the Alicia Keys song, ‘Empire State Of Mind’, you’ll hear about all the amazing sights of the most famous city on the planet; New York City.

The city is perhaps the most infamous location in popular culture. From being the setting to some of television’s most loved shows (Friends, Mad Men, Sex And The City etc), to Hollywood’s most iconic scenes (King Kong climbing the Empire State Building or Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate in The Seven Year Itch) – everyone wants to visit the Big Apple!

And despite the fact so many of us know and love NYC, how many of us could draw it, in great detail, from memory? Yep , didn’t think so.

However, now a renowned artist from the UK has done just that. Stephen Wiltshire has gained international recognition for his amazing artwork, and has now created a mind-blowing etching of the New York City skyline – all from memory – following just a 45 minute helicopter ride above the city.