We all have a camera roll full of bizarre pictures that look completely weird out of context – or even in context. It is our biggest fear that one day our peculiar pictures will be exposed for all to see. It’s not those nude snaps that you’re concerned about, it’s the horrible selfie you sent to your friend the yesterday that has you working up a sweat!

Luckily, the world is a weird place. Therefore, you’re not alone with your odd images. These snaps will restore some faith that your photo album is actually quite normal.

If you can explain what is happening in each of these snaps, then you are certifiably weird. In fact, you may be so weird that you cannot find anything odd about these pictures – in which case, you should probably seek help!

Prepare to be mystified…

1. Taken by surprise

This Korean statue depicts the game of “ddongchim,” which literally translates to “poop needle”. It’s a popular game with children in the country, who play it in the school playground. However, out of that environment, it is totally bizarre.

2. Has anyone seen my arms?

This kid has clearly been reading too much George Orwell. “Two legs good, four legs bad”…

3. This looks fishy

You have cod to be kidding me! I only came to get some cash trout!

You may think it is impossible to get any weirder than that, but you’re wrong. It’s about to get legitimately insane…