Did you know that animals can get high too? There are plenty of cases of pets and livestock dancing with Mary Jane. Unfortunately, many don’t enjoy the feeling as much as some humans, and, in large doses, cannabis can be harmful to animals.

But two cats in Massachusetts got totally spaced out, man!

The woman who owned the cats had been growing several marijuana plants in pots inside her house. After a problem with her grow lights, she moved the plants onto her porch so they could still soak up some sun for a little while.

However, the porch was accessible to her cats, and she soon discovered that they had a penchant for the ganja. She returned to find some of her pots tipped over, soil spilled everywhere, and multiple half-eaten marijuana plants strewed across the floor.

Like any good social media user, she filmed what had happened to her beloved marijuana plants.

Her two cats were lazily sprawled out under a couple of deck chairs, not moving too much and looking totally stoned. While it can’t be said for sure if the two cats were actually high, they appeared to be in no pain and were quite happy and relaxed.

According to Ronald K. Siegel, who wrote the book Intoxication: The Universal Drive for Mind-Altering Substances, many animals are fully aware that certain plants offer different ways to get high. He has observed that many different species return to specific plants to experience their mind-altering properties again and again.

Pictured below is one of the naughty cats who got a lot more than they bargained eating their mom’s plants!

However, when you see what these cats looked like close up, I think you’ll agree that this will be their first and last dance with Mary Jane!