It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or an Average Joe, the world of dating is a minefield. There are certain rules which you’re expected to abide by, and if you’re a celebrity, every move you make in the dating game is going to be judged.

For the majority of people, it’s taboo to date your friend’s ex. Even if you part on good terms, no one wants to regularly bump into their former flame at social events. But is it taboo for you and your current beau’s exes to date each other?!

Well, that’s a whole different dilemma altogether. It’s almost inevitable that they’re going to compare themselves to their predecessor and use it as an opportunity to judge the likelihood of you and your partner’s current relationship lasting.

Admittedly, you two can do the same thing, but it certainly is more than a little awkward. People often compare dating someone’s ex to having ‘sloppy seconds’, so it’s odd for two former flames to decide to come together in this way.

A similar situation occurred earlier this year when it emerged that Kylie Jenner’s former long-term boyfriend Tyga was dating a woman who was famous for being a lookalike of her older half sister Kim Kardashian. Talk about keeping it in the family.

The latest dating scandal to hit Hollywood is the fact that Justin Bieber’s ex Yovanna Ventura is dating Selena Gomez’s ex The Weeknd. This news comes in the wake of the revelation that the on and off couple Bieber and Gomez have rekindled their romance.

Following a secret liver transplant this summer, Gomez appears to have reassessed her life and her relationship with Bieber. The two have now been photographed going on a number of romantic dates, holding hands, and attending church together.