It has been 13 years since Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe left our screens to pursue a life away from our prying eyes. But, not a day goes by when you don’t question what the characters are doing now.

We dedicated a whole decade to watching their lives chaotically dissolve and evolve, prompting a little part of their world to become firmly embedded into our soul – it may be cliché, but they really did become our Friends.

Becoming so invested into their individual lives meant that we inadvertently began to project real emotions into the characters. We wanted the best for them, like we would our real friends. We raged when they took a wrong turn and rejoiced when they got back on track.

One storyline that provoked the most turbulence within our hearts was that of Rachel and Ross. The will-they wont-they relationship between the two will forever be one of televisions most iconic, yet infuriating, twists.

At the time, we were all the biggest cheerleaders for the two, willing them to unite with every episode. However, with 13 years hindsight we have had time to reconsider the rollercoaster ride that was Rachel and Ross.

However, nobody has explored the connection between the two more thoroughly than one Twitter user, who caused an online meltdown when she suggested that Rachel should have ended up with Joey, not Ross.

When Joey declared his love for a pregnant Rachel and proposed to her, we all thought it was ludicrous.

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