As more and more controversial allegations against celebrities come to the foreground, many stars are choosing to lie low. The spotlight has suddenly become a perilous place to be and nobody, guilty of any misconduct or not, wants to be the one to stand in the toxic beam.

So right on cue comes that latest season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. The classic reality television is the glue that holds British people’s wits together during the bitterly cold winter months. Overflowing with hilarious moments to make you laugh out loud and sordid secrets from sly Z-list celebrities, its three weeks on air feel like a holiday.

Originally released in 2002, the show has provided some of the most iconic moments in British television. How could we forget the infamous romance of Katie Price and Peter Andre? Or, when Fatima got a cockroach stuck up her nose? Dean Gaffney’s bushtucker trial certainly was unforgettable, but it couldn’t rival Myleene Klass’ white bikini moment.

How will the latest season compare? Is it possible to improve on the perfection of previous years? There is only one way to find out; let’s take a look at the line-up…

1. Stanley Johnson 

Every year there is an unconventional casting thrown into the mix. This year it comes in the shape and form of Stanley Johnson, better known as the father to the bumbling former London Mayor and current British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.

The frightfully posh 77-year-old will certainly add entertainment value to the show if he is anything like his blundering son, who is famous for his political gaffes.

Johnson is a surprising candidate on the show, considering his son’s rather public political problems. Let’s hope Johnson’s time on I’m a Celeb can restore the public faith in his son!

2. Amir Khan

Amir Khan brings muscles to the mix. The professional boxer has many impressive titles to his name, including a silver medal from the 2004 Olympics in Athens. With 31 fight wins, out of 35 fights, Khan is likely to be strongest celebrity on the show. But, will he have brain as well as braun?

In July 2013, Khan was estimated to be worth a colossal $31 million, which didn’t include the $15 million he earned in 2014 alone So it is apparent that the 30-year-old father-of-one isn’t taking part in the show for the money!