Going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Holidays are, after all, taken to get a break from all of that stress at the office. A change of scenery, and perhaps a margarita or two on the beach, is the perfect remedy for a hectic life.

But sometimes all the prep work, planning, and travel arranging can actually add more drama to your life. Make your holiday as relaxing as possible by trying a few simple changes with your packing and pre-travel routine. Check out these great hacks to start your vacation off on the right foot:

25. Save space by rolling your clothes instead of folding

24. Add dryer sheets to your suitcase

Add a dryer sheet to your luggage to keep things smelling fresh. Bonus! If you’re worried about wrinkles, wrap your cloths in tissue paper to avoid needing to iron on arrival.

23. Make a soap pouch. This one is great for everyday, and is perfect for camping trips

22. Fill a empty eyedropper with toothpaste

You’ll get past airport size requirements and be able to carry your toothbrush and paste in your carry-on. Alternatively, save your old mini-toothpaste tubes and refill. Hold the nozzle of the mini-tube flush with a regular sized one and simply squeeze.