When 26-year-old Jack Morris abandoned his job as a carpet cleaner in search of an adventure, he could never have imagined where his wanderlust would take him.

Five years later, he is the star of Instagram with nearly three million followers all intently following his picturesque journey through life. From the desert to the beach, Morris’ life is a far cry from his dreary days working in Manchester.

The online star has the power to make even the most well traveled people feel a little inadequate with his breathtaking snaps. However, the perfectly poised pictures aren’t all that they seem…

1. This one takes the hump

Morris met his 23-year-old girlfriend, Lauren Bullen whilst traveling in Fiji nine months ago. As the relationship blossomed, so did their Instagram feed.

Bullen, an Australian native, boasts nearly two million followers on her account, bringing the couples combined reach to a staggering near five million travel enthusiasts – however, very few of these fans knows the truth behind each and every snap…

2. The secret behind the sunset…

Desperate to escape his repetitive and uninspiring job, Morris booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok. “I impulsively decided to quit my nine-to-five job,” he told the Daily Mail Australia. “It was literally waking up one morning and I wanted to try something different. I flew out on my own with no plan and just wanted to see what came at me.”

3. We are feeling blue about this one

The first two years of traveling left Morris with little money, but a burning desire to continue his adventure. Not ready to return to the bleak streets of Manchester, Morris bought a camera and started his blog ‘Do You Travel’.

“I basically created it to share my experiences, it wasn’t about making money. I didn’t expect to make money or for it to blow up. But that created my new career.”