The human imagination is amazing. From the moment we are born, we use it to make our lives more interesting. Some say that our imaginations are at their vividest when we are children and allowed to spend much of our time playing with toys.

However, the quality of our imaginations often lessen as we grow older. In fact, it’s been said that the creative adult is the child that survived. This certainly makes a lot of sense – the more people practice creative pursuits, the better they become at them.

Here’s 16 photos that could prove you have an overly vivid imagination…

1. Sometimes we can’t be with the person we love

The Little Mermaid (1989) was my favorite movie as a kid. There was something incredibly fascinating about a girl who was stuck between two worlds. Maybe this woman decided to stare longingly at this whale because she wanted to be under the sea too.

2. Is than an antelope with two heads?!

One of the amazing things about photos is that sometimes they can be taken at just the right time to create something truly mind-boggling. When I saw the bird on a second glance at this photo, I immediately realized why the antelope was pulling such a bizarre expression.

3. That’s such an awesome backpack! Oh wait…

These days, backpacks come in all different shapes and sizes. I can’t help but wonder how this guy felt when he realized what was on his back. I’d have screamed. Let’s just hope that he was able to easily remove the octopus and safely return it to the ocean.

4. All is not what it seems at this music festival

Go on, admit it. You thought that this was an epic rave too. Then you looked closer and realized that the stage was in fact a harvester, and the ravers? Well, they’re nothing more than pieces of corn!

But the human imagination thrives on lot more than just creativity. Even if you didn’t quite see the bizarre goings-on in the above photos, take comfort in the knowledge that every time you remember something or think about the future, you are using your imagination.