The dating game may have dramatically changed over the years, but one element of the traditional courting routine has lingered: who pays on the first date?

In years gone by, paying the bill has always been deemed the male responsibility. But as the world educates itself on equality, that approach has lost favor among men and women who claim it a sexist past-time.

The debate was only intensified by the introduction of online dating. With dating becoming more of a hobby, men began to question why they should have to pay for a complete strangers entertainment on a regular basis. Splitting the bill suddenly became the popular choice – aggravating waiters across the globe.

In turn, this has changed the way we date. But, would you have more success if you reverted back to the old ways? Paying for the bill is more important than you thought…

1. It shows their true character

We all have certain qualities that we desire in our ideal partner. Good manners? Check. Chivalry? Check. Nice shoes? Check. But, it can take a while to establish if your new squeeze harbors all the traits on your wishlist.

However, during that crucial first date you can decipher a lot about your potential partner’s personality, especially when it comes to paying.

If he willingly settles the bill and ignores your pleas to split the total between you, then you know he is well-mannered and traditional. If he demands that you split it equally, then you know he is more in touch with the modern world and clearly not bothered by what you think of him.

If he insists that you cover the entire check, then this is the first sign that he won’t be contacting you about date number two.

2. Let him provide for you

It is a basic male instinct to want to protect and provide, an inherent desire that filters through to dating. This domineering approach may have no place in the modern world, where women stand equal to their muscle-flexing counterparts, but in dating a hint of the archaic is attractive.

Allowing the man to revert to (one of) his animalistic instincts will generate a more potent chemistry between you, due to the fact that the female DNA craves a man to take control.

The connection between you will strengthen as you allow him to assert his power over a token meal between you – whereas demanding that he let you pay for your pizza and glass of wine may make him feel threatened and instantly kill the romance.