Life is one big game that we all unwittingly get conned by. At least once in your life, you will be played by the system that is consumerism.

Buying things that aren’t exactly what they seem is a daily occurrence for the modern day human. From cakes and clothes, to television shows, nothing is quite as it is advertised – Here’s looking at you Game of Thrones; we want dragons!

But, some things are so wildly different from what they were intended to be that it is hard to even draw one comparison, as these unlucky shoppers all discovered when they got their hands on the finished (well, sort of) product…

1. We can’t let this one go

We expect that the customer of this cake was Frozen when she saw what the cake decorators had created. We wouldn’t be able to just ‘Let It Go’, so we hope they didn’t either…

2. These two pizzas represent Heaven and Hell

This KitKat chocolate pizza looked too good to be true, and that is because it was. We think the chef should just “Take A Break…”

3. BEWARE of the cuddly canine

Animals are unpredictable and often always do the opposite of what you expect, which in turn makes you look like a fool. In this instance, we imagine that the owner of this ‘guard dog’ was left a little red faced.