Rumours are flying that another royal wedding could be imminent! Some are speculating that Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, could be making an engagement announcement any day now. Cue the fanfare!

Two billion people across the globe were glued to their television screens in 2011, lapping up every detail as Will and Kate tied the knot. The ceremony caused a media frenzy, revealing to those of us at home the style of Kate’s dress, who was in attendance, and even what was served for dinner.

However, journalist Duncan Larcombe didn’t need to rely on television coverage to try and live vicariously through those lucky enough to nab a seat in Westminster Abbey that day. That’s because he was actually there!

Larcombe, who is Prince Harry’s unofficial biographer and a former royal editor of The Sun, was one of only six journalists invited to the nuptials. Here’s his firsthand account of how the royal ceremony took place:


Larcombe says that he only found out he was invited about two or three weeks before the wedding. He was also sworn to secrecy so as to not reveal to anyone who was or wasn’t on the guest list.

“We were told in advance about two or three weeks before that we were invited, but we were told not to tell anybody. They wouldn’t have wanted word to get out amongst other journalists.”

Apparently a lot of effort goes into creating that coveted guest list. “William and Kate had a vast guest list thrust upon them by the foreign and commonwealth office to avoid any diplomatic issues with people being snubbed,” Larcombe added.