Have you ever fantasized about winning the lottery? I certainly have. There’s countless things us that Average Joes simply can’t afford – not without years of hard work and determination. But winning the lottery changes a person’s life overnight. However, it turns out that a lottery win is not all it’s cracked up to be…

The great thing about the lottery is that anyone can enter, and sometimes people who haven’t got a dime to their name get lucky. When you’re used to living off food stamps, a dramatic change in fortune can be difficult to deal with sensibly. These are the lottery winners who got too excited and blew the lot as quickly as they won it!

From ladies men who’ve splashed out on women to teenage millionaires with penchants for plastic surgery, people have wasted fortunes in some truly ridiculous ways. Read on to find out about the reckless people who went from not having a dollar to their name to having millions overnight…

1. Callie Rogers – $2.3 Million

Callie was very unwise with her winnings, and no one can blame her for that. After all, she was still a teenager and had no idea how to manage her money properly. She soon became reckless with her wealth, wasting huge amounts of money on drugs and plastic surgery until there was hardly anything left. Horrifyingly, she spent over $250,000 on cocaine. She eventually became depressed and even attempted suicide. Thankfully, however, she’s now turned her life around.

In 2003, when she was only 16-years-old, Callie Rogers from England became the second youngest ever jackpot winner. Fourteen years on from her colossal win, she believes that people that young simply shouldn’t be eligible to enter the lottery because of what it did to her life…

2. Justin Green – $598,556

After his sizable win, Justin made the unwise decision to quit his job at Walmart and go on a spending spree. This involved buying expensive chains and watches, but, most bizarrely, it also involved an operation to have his testicles gold plated. No doctor was willing to do the procedure so he decided to operate on himself. He died 12 hours after the “procedure” was complete. Even Callie Rodgers wasn’t that stupid with her money, but Justin wasn’t the only lottery winner to end up killing himself

In 2015 38-year-old Atlanta resident Justin Green won almost $600,000. It’s not the biggest lottery win on this list, not by a long shot, but it was still enough money to inspire him into making some incredibly stupid decisions, including this bizarre body modification…

3. Janite Lee – $18,000,000

It’s often said that if you do well in life you should sent the elevator back down to help someone else and that’s exactly what Janite Lee did in 1993 when she won $18,000,000 in the lottery. However, her kindness was her undoing, and she eventually filed for bankruptcy.

After buying a $1,000,000 house, leasing luxury cars, and giving money to various charities as well as presidential campaigns, Lee found herself bankrupt and $2,500,000 in debt by 2001. I wonder if she still thinks helping Bill Clinton get to the White House was worth it!

4. Jose Cua-Toc – $750,000

Jose Cua-Toc had a fairly normal life as a laborer apart from one thing – he was an illegal immigrant from Guatemala! This was something he knew he had to keep a secret; if anyone found out, he would be made to leave the US so things got more than a little complicated for him when he won the lottery…

Jose didn’t earn much as a laborer, and he couldn’t believe his luck when he won $750,000 after playing the lottery in 2010. He confided in his boss and asked him to accept the money on his behalf so he wouldn’t be exposed as an illegal immigrant. But Jose’s boss conned him and kept all the money for himself. However, Jose ended up having the last laugh when he took his old boss to court where it was decided he should get every single penny back!

5. Amanda Clayton – $1 Million

Amanda Clayton had been on welfare for quite some time. When she won the lottery at the age of twenty-four, it was a dream come true. However, it didn’t take long for her newly-found wealth to plunge her into a nightmare situation that ended in tragedy…

For some odd reason, Amanda kept claiming welfare although she now had a million bucks in her bank account. She claimed that it was totally okay because she didn’t work and collected $200 each month in food stamps. When it was discovered what she was doing, she was found guilty of fraud. However, the story gets even darker – after she accepted her fate as a fraud convict, she died from a drug overdose when she was only twenty-five.

6. Denise Rossi – $1.3 Million

This woman hid the fact that she won the lottery from her own husband, and divorced him so she didn’t have to share the million bucks she’d won. Guess there wasn’t much love there.

Denise and Thomas Rossi were married for twenty-five years when she won the lottery. But she had no intentions of letting her husband find out about her newfound wealth, and she definitely wasn’t about to share it. So eleven days after she won the lottery, she filed for divorce. When she was found out, she had to hand over all of the money to her husband!