We all know brands and restaurants use crazy marketing campaigns to try and get our attention. Anyone out there remember Crystal Pepsi or Ronald McDonald’s long lost giant purple friend, Grimace?

But many corporations have also relied upon utterly bizarre merchandise products in order to promote their products. I’m not talking about clothing designers deciding to make accessories, I’m talking about Cheetos coming out with jewelry worth a whopping $20,000!

Yes, that’s correct. The ‘cheesy’ brand known for mascot Chester Cheeto and the crunchy cheese flavoured snack has created an earrings and ring set with orange sapphires, and black and white diamonds set in 18 karat gold!

Many companies are looking to find new and unique ways to promote their products as a way of combating the fierce and competitive consumer landscape. With shelf space at the grocery store at a premium, corporations are exploring merchandising options that have little to do with the product they are trying to sell, but may put their brand into the forefront of consumers’ minds. (With the opportunity to make a quick buck from those diehard fans.)

Would you buy a pillow case from KFC or an air freshener from In-N-Out Burger? Everyone from Pizza Hut, to McDonald’s, to Hidden Valley is doing it. Coca-Cola, who is no stranger to the merchandise game, views it as an opportunity to connect with their customers.

“We sell more than 500 million branded products each year,” said Kate Dwyer, director of the Coca-Cola’s licensing group. Coke has been creating themed merchandise to help promote its brand for a long time. The first piece of swag they ever created was way back in 1914. It was a cola themed calendar that cost just 2 cents!

Currently you can purchase a Coca-Cola evening bag. It’s red and white, made of vinyl covered chrome, and costs just $36 bucks.