While I’m not sure where it came from, there’s this stereotype that cats only seem to care about themselves.

Perhaps it was all those cartoons growing up that portrayed cats as the villains, but for whatever reason, there’s not much evidence that cats would go out of their way to protect the ones they love…until now.

When this cat caught wind of this man “attacking” his wife, this precious kitty knew it had to step in. While the camera rolls, the man pretends to hit his wife repeatedly, as she cries out in faked agony. Fortunately this cat was prepared to put up a fight for its mama.

The defensive cat jumps off its perch and begins biting and scratching at the woman’s husband.

In an attempt to let their feline in on the role-play situation, the happy couple begins to laugh, but the cat keeps on fighting.

This cat proved that it is willing to go above and beyond to do what’s right.


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