The Queen is unapologetically posh, that is no secret. With castles, butlers and a personal chef, it is hard to consider her a regular person who eats, drinks and sleeps. However she is, but her routine is anything but regular.

The 91-year-old monarch has a hectic schedule which sees her travel the length and breadth of the world on important trips. On her travels she has been known to indulge in a variety of rich foreign foods, but there is nothing quite like the comfort of a meal prepared for her by her personal chef.

Up until 1998, Darren McGrady was that man. As a personal chef to Her Majesty it could be assumed that he knows her better than anyone else, from those last night cravings to extravagant state dinners.

During his 15 years as part of the royal household, McGrady also served Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry. If that wasn’t pressure enough, his job required him to cook for high-profile guests of the royals, including US Presidents, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagen and George H.W. Bush. However, it was his time cooking for the longest serving monarch in the world that is most intriguing…

McGrady’s time as part of the royal staff came to an end in 1998, after the tragic death of Princess Diana. Rejecting an offer from Prince Charles to become his private chef, McGrady packed his bags and set sail for the US, where he now lives with his wife and children in Dallas, Texas.

Despite having retired from Her Majesty’s services, McGrady often reflects on his time in one of the most prestigious establishments in the world. He fondly recalls small details from his time, that to him are insignificant, but to an outsider they’re of huge importance.

Speaking to Marie Claire, McGrady said how the Queen’s preferred breakfast was a simple bowl of “Kellogg’s cereal from a plastic container, which she’d serve herself” along with some “Darjeeling tea”.

Talking to The Telegraph, McGrady stated that the Queen would specifically eat either Special K or Corn Flakes, which she’d top with apricots, prunes or macadamia nuts. Whilst visiting her Scottish residence, Balmoral, she would indulge with fresh strawberries on her cereal.