One of the most exciting days in an expectant mom’s life is when she gets to see her unborn child for the first time. It’s a chance to find out the gender of her baby (if she wants to) and begin to imagine what they’ll look like once they’re born.

Mom-to-be Sharni Turner, from Australia, however, got an unexpected fright when she got to see her baby for the first time. What she saw was so shocking that her baby was described by Twitter users as having the face of “pure evil”.

In an interview with UNILAD, Turner revealed how her routine appointment took a terrifying turn.

“I was watching the screen with my auntie who joined me for my ultrasound appointment, and the baby was sleeping and just not doing much like we needed it to do the measurements properly.”

To help the scan go as planned, Turner did what was necessary to wake her baby up. We all know how agitated we feel when we are suddenly woken up from a deep sleep and that’s exactly what happened to her baby boy.

“We tried heaps of things to wake him up, and all of a sudden we got that face, and I was just like ‘that’s terrifying’ it was pretty hilarious!

But I don’t think he enjoyed being woken up. (sic)

If you think that you look grouchy after you’ve suddenly woken up, you’ll be thinking again once you’ve seen Turner’s scan.