If you’re playing the villain in a horror movie, nine times out of ten you’ll have to dramatically change your appearance. Whether that involves dressing up in a terrifying clown costume or turning yourself into something that isn’t even human.

I’ll never forget how much Samara scared me when I saw The Ring (2002) for the first time. I had restless sleeps for a week. But the scariest villain I ever saw in a movie is unquestionably The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s (1974) Leatherface.

Here’s what some of the world’s most iconic horror movie actors look like in real life. They’re all so… Normal!

1. Regan Macneil – Linda Blair (The Exorcist, 1973)

There’s few things more scary than demonic possession, especially when it happens to involve a child. Who could forget The Exorcist‘s sick scene? Or when Linda walked down the stairs backwards?! It was enough to make me switch the movie off.

2. Pennywise the Dancing Clown – Bill Skarsgård (It, 2017)

Whilst Tim Curry’s performance in the original TV adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel was fantastic, Skarsgård’s interpretation of Pennywise in the new movie is definitely scarier thanks to modern make up and special effects!

3. Michael Myers – Nick Castle (Halloween, 1978)

Sometimes the scariest villains wear nothing more than a mask. That’s definitely the case for Michael Myers in Halloween. There’s something incredibly dehumanizing about this mask and that’s what makes him so scary.

4. Pale Man – Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006)

There are few movie monsters as memorable as the Pale Man. He’s monstrous, but, at the same time, he still has a human quality to him. I remember screaming when I saw him with his eyes for the first time!

Horror is one of the most popular movie genres, and whilst hundreds of movies have been made over the years, only a handful of villains have stuck around to haunt us years later. Usually, it’s because they’re incredibly unique or terrifying simple!